Distinctively Designed Resort Stepping onto the Phuket Hotel Scene


30 July 2014

Located in the rainforest and offering an experience that promises to be ‘Beyond Enchanting’, and will boast 38 sumptuous pool cottages, houses and villas. Keemala Phuket will open its doors to welcome guests in August 2015, as part of its soft opening launch.

Keemala harnesses the history of fictitious ancient Phuket settlers and incorporates the story of four different clans within the resort. Keemala’s style blends the indigenous stories of the clans with the decadence of an upscale resort. The architecture is a stark contrast to most hotel accommodation, and is designed by Thailand based talent Architect Space. Pisit Aongskultong from Pisud Design Company has designed the interiors and managing the creative vision of the resort. Keemala’s fantastic cottages, tree houses and pool villas are designed around the unique topographical conditions. Set into the hillside and making use of slopes offering sea views, streams, waterfalls and indigenous trees.

Keemala offers four avant-garde accommodation choices with sizes ranging from 116m2 to 175m2. All spacious dwellings come complete with private pools and offer a range of both sea and mountain views. The lead in category is the 16 ‘Clay Pool Cottages’. Their design reflects the earthiness of the ‘Pa-ta-pea’ (earth) clan who believed in a strong connection to the earth and harnessed agriculture as their trade. As the name says, clay, straw and ceramics have been featured in the overall design.

The ‘Khon-Jorn’ (wanderer) people were a tribe of nomads who excelled in hunting and trading, and inspired the design of the seven ‘Tent Pool Villas’. Their roaming lifestyle is exhibited in the tent-like structures and the use of animal prints and richly dense textures of materials pays homage to their way of life.

The seven imaginative ‘Tree Pool Houses’ are built to represent the ‘We-ha’ (sky) clan who worshipped the universe and chose to live suspended from the trees to be nearer to the sky. This accommodation category uses building techniques to give the impression that the tree houses are indeed hanging from the nearby trees; some furniture inside the two floor cocoons is also hung from the ceiling.

The ‘Rung-Nok’ (nest) community inspired the design of the eight ‘Bird’s Nest Pool Villas’. This group enjoyed an opulent way of life compared to the other clans. Thus the interwoven design of their homes was to aid protection and to maintain privacy.

The architecture and interiors of the four different accommodation types reflects the skills and way of life of each of the groups, in design, texture of fabrics used, colours and construction materials.

Fixtures and furniture is being in the most part sourced from within communities in Thailand and hand made using local and traditional methods.

A significant part of the Keemala ethos is to celebrate and cultivate Thai culture. This is strongly perceived in the spa. Treatments and wellness programs are being meticulously designed to utilize bygone techniques, natural herbs used as medicinal remedies in conjunction with old-fashioned pampering. The eight treatment rooms will offer a haven of renewal and the spa will also offer a Thai massage pavilion, steam and sauna rooms along with a fitness room with views of the sea and lush topography, yoga and meditation spaces making Keemala an ideal destination for retreats.

As an extension of the wholesome spirit of Keemala, cuisine offered will also be organic and locally sourced and grown where possible. The menus will incorporate healthy, nutritious and above all delicious meals. Keemala will offer three outlets for dining, the main restaurant, a pool bar, a smaller wine cellar ideal for small parties and meetings and destination dining will be offered to those guests who would like to enjoy the ambience of somewhere distinct, perhaps beside the waterfall, in a separate sala in the grounds or in the comfort of the villa or cottage.

Keemala will be the perfect place for honeymooners, couples and guests wishing to get away from it all and welcomes guests of 14 years upwards.



Keemala Phuket, an all pool villa wonderland set in the woodlands of Kamala, offers 38 villas and cottages and is proud to be part of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Keemala embraces a cultural philosophy and brings it to life through distinctive design and experiences. The Keemala concept celebrates the culture of four fictitious ancient Phuket tribes, the ‘Pa-ta-pea’ (Earth), the‘Khon-Jorn’ (Wanderers), the ‘We-ha’ (Sky), and the ‘Rung-Nok’ (Nest) people. Keemala harnesses their methods of way of life and infuses it into the overall guest experiences. The spa treatments, wellness programs, gastronomic choices, activities and magical accommodation design all derive from the key attributes of the four tribes. Architecture by Thailand based company Architect Space, interior designed by Pisit Aongskultong from Pisud Design Company and landscaping created by Stone Design & Contractor Co Ltd. Opening August 2015.