Browse through our frequently asked questions to learn why Shine PR is the right fit for you, and how we can work together.

Why should we work with Shine PR?

We are professional, ethical and knowledgeable. We won't promise you the moon and let you down. We will spend time with you and identify what solutions work best for you. For the team at Shine PR, achievement is about integrating the right elements. We use a whole range of techniques – some old school and some fresh – and we will always find the best approaches that meet your needs and allow your product to shine.

We're interested in winning awards for our property, how can Shine PR help?

We have pitched for and won many awards for our clients. To maximise your chances of winning, we help you assess awards that are reputable and in line with your core competencies. We prepare all original award submission materials, and in many cases even guide our clients to strengthen their products and services over time to enhance standing for award considerations.

We want to do CSR. Where do we start?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be as simple or as complex as we make it. It is about your business, your readiness, your commitment. We will help you plan a well-rounded program that ticks the right boxes, contains clear goals and measureable successes, and is completely manageable and achievable by you.

Where can you get us press coverage?

We have strong connections in the UK, Thailand, and Southeast Asia region. Our media network is global. Click here to see some of our clients' coverage.

How can you help us with our social media?

We help you stay on top of the game with compelling and relevant post content, stunning images, powerful hashtags and more. The instantaneous and wide-reaching world of social media is moving fast, so work with us now.

We want that spectacular photography! How?

We believe that strong imagery is one of the most important marketing tools for any luxury brand. We're ready to invest our time in giving you a collection of front-cover worthy photography, and we hope you feel the same. Let us know.

What else should we know about Shine PR?

  • We deliver personalised service
  • We are focused on travel, tourism, property, hospitality and luxury lifestyle media
  • We have fantastic local and international media relations
  • We are proactive and energetic
  • We offer flexibility and are cost-effective
  • We offer a "hands on" approach
  • We are a one-stop shop for fully integrated services for your brand
  • We have dual language capacity in English and Thai.